Where to eat? Restaurants on Little Corn, Nicaragua!

Welcome to the tropical paradise that is Little Corn Island! After the treacherous schlep here via cargo boat, panga or propeller plane, you’re probably absolutely starving! But where to go first? 🤔

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All this blue sky is making me hungry…

Anybody who knows me knows my slight obsession with food. I’ve struggled with my weight before (lets get the violins out) because I CANNOT STOP FLAMING EATING. I actually live from meal to meal; once I’ve finished lunch I’m already planning dinner and my next snack. Before I’ve arrived anywhere I’ve already completely scoped out TripAdvisor and mentally made a list of all the spots to eat alongside downloaded all of the PDF menus and studied them like they’re the Talmud.

I was pleasantly surprised by the food on Little Corn. As a whole the food in Nicaragua is appalling but the European/American and Creole influence alongside the abundance of fresh seafood (if you eat it) meant the food was far more diverse than the deep-fried sh*t on the mainland. It was nice to eat food not covered in oil! Trust me – in the UK I love food covered in oil (usually at 3am outside a nightclub).

FYI I’m vegetarian and I was very pleasantly surprised at how much choice I had. Most dishes can be veganised also!

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#1 Tranquilo Café

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A great place to indulge in the foods you miss from home. Think pasta, burgers, cake and cookies and an array of fantastic shakes (I recommend the peanut butter chunky monkey – NOT for people gooon a diet)! Vegetarians will not be disappointed and most dishes can be veganised. The vegetarian burgers and burritos are pretty decent – I had a very acceptable breakfast burrito on my second morning (however what with the heat shrinking my brain, and having eaten only Gallo Pinto for 10 days, my standards had dropped). We also attended macaroni night although I must say, the mac’n’cheese was below average. I don’t know why I was so disappointed – I already knew at this point during my travels that Nicaraguans and cheese don’t go together.

What makes Tranquilo so brilliant is 1 – power sockets at each table and 2 – free wifi. Travellers must have struggled so much before wifi was invented.

TIP: Tranquilo and Desideri are the only places on Little Corn with access to the internet (and any electricity) between 6am – 2pm daily.

#2 Desideri

Desideri tranquilo little corn where to eat pocket atlas

Another watering hole with Italian style food. They have an incredible array of juices – my calala (Español for passion fruit) juice was delicious albeit a bit sweet. The words “menos azúcar por favor” (less sugar, please) are quite a useful phrase on Little Corn. The food was average and pricier than other spots on the island, so if I were you I’d just come here for a juice, free wifi and to admire the beautiful view.

#3 The Lighthouse

I ate here on Taco Tuesday and my vegetarian taco “sin queso” (at this point the Nicaraguan cheesemakers had completely burned their bridges with me) tacos were exceptional. I used to think it was hard to f*ck up a taco but the monstrosity of a taco I ate in Granada made me think otherwise. The Lighthouse is on a hill thus has the best view on the island; washing my tacos down with a view of the sun setting over the mangroves made them taste all the more sweeter.

#4 Rosas Cafe

A fabulous little spot hidden in the mangroves towards the end of the strip. Everything on the breakfast menu cost 100 Córdoba and included a bowl fruit and tea, coffee or a fruit juice. The Huevos Rancheros hit the spot and Rosa kindly offered to swap my Gallo Pinto for some refried beans (I think my words were “Rosa, por favor, no más”)!

#5 El Resto del Bosque

El Resto del Bosque is a similar set up to Rosas Café, if you want breakfast for 100 Córdoba but fancy a change of scenery. Apparently you can get a platter of seafood for only 150 Córdoba!

#6 Sunset Shack Café

A little pricey for what it is (a shack on the beach) but their ‘Rasta Pasta’ was just what the doctor ordered after my raining and rocky cargo boat journey to Little Corn.

It was a strange concoction of coconut milk, pasta and various vegetables grown on the land, but I was happy to see pasta after weeks of rice. Each dish comes with a side of coconut bread <3.

Amber – you were only on Little Corn for 4 nights. Where else have you heard good things about?

Word on the street is that Miss Bridget’s is incredible. I’m sad we didn’t get to try it but time and money were limited. Havana Cuba is great if you want something more upmarket – or you could go and eat at Yemaya. There is also Colour View if you’re a pizza fan; I’ve heard it isn’t quite like-a mama make but nor is Dominos.

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